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MuDian is a proudly Singaporean-owned and operated carpentry company established in 1997 by six carpenters headed by Founder & Director, Calsia Lee.

It has since established a strong reputation in the industry with its premium contemporary and functional furniture that are aesthetic, durable and skillfully crafted. MuDian boasts more than twenty years’ experience working closely with architects and interior designers, delivering exceptional carpentry solutions.

MuDian has since invested in and streamlined its craftsmanship aspect of carpentry to establish a completely modernised modular system, allowing clients to effortlessly mix and match kitchen and wardrobe units to complement their homes in a much quicker and economical way compared to the traditional construction methods.

Each client’s distinct preferences and usage determines the final layouts, taking their unique lifestyles into great consideration. MuDian advocates the use of ecologically-friendly, robust materials suitable for our Asian climate. And there are numerous customisable options always available for the discerning.

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What is MuDian’s design philosophy?

We believe that the form (the shape, the look, the aesthetics) of an object should be based on its function or purpose. This is why we design and plan the most practical/functional, low maintenance, usable yet aesthetic carpentry products.

We choose to use durable, long-lasting materials and fittings, and prioritise easy to clean, low maintenance finishes.

What is MuDian’s core beliefs?

We are privileged to do what we love, and we do so mindfully from start to finish.

We offer the best solutions for budget, usage and lifestyle, offering the right advice based on what’s most practical in the long run. We always do the right things and do them well, even if they’re unseen by clients.

We work with ecologically and climate-friendly materials, appropriately incorporating them due to the long-term ease of maintenance.

How does MuDian design for my family and I?

We aim to establish a real connection and mutual understanding and trust with the client even before the project starts.  We recognize every client has distinct preferences and unique lifestyles, and we plan the best carpentry products and layout for their individual way of living.

We enjoy the process of acquainted with the client, understanding their needs, advising and executing the best solutions skillfully, so clients have peace-of-mind and trust us with their living spaces.